How DevOps Saved the Day

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How DevOps Saved the Day


The majority of it companies were suffering with inefficient deployments for their quickly developing web applications. Manual deployments were time-consuming, prone to error, and caused significant disruption during updates. This reduced developer productivity and significantly impacted user experience. The requirement for a speedier, more reliable deployment method became critical to the company’s sustained success.


The organisation hired a DevOps engineer that specialises in AWS services, automation tools, and containerisation technologies. The DevOps engineer made the following changes:

  1. Jenkins was integrated with the development workflow, automating builds, testing, and deployments. This removed manual procedures while ensuring uniformity in the release process.
  2. Infrastructure as Code: Terraform was used to automate AWS infrastructure provisioning and administration. This resulted in faster scaling and better infrastructure consistency.
  3. Docker containerisation: The application was containerised using Docker, which makes platform-agnostic and portable deployments possible. This allowed for smoother rollouts and easier disaster recovery.
  4. Kubernetes Orchestration: The containerised application was deployed on Kubernetes to provide autonomous scalability and high availability. This reduced downtime during deployment and increased application resilience.


  • Deployments became 5 times faster, allowing developers to deploy new features more regularly.
  • Downtime during deployments was decreased by 90%, resulting in a dramatically improved user experience.
  • Improved Developer Productivity: Automation relieved developers of manual tasks, allowing them to concentrate on core development activities.
  • Increased Scalability and Flexibility: Cloud-based infrastructure and containerization enabled smoother scalability and increased application portability.

Key Lesson

By embracing DevOps principles and using applicable technology, We significantly improved their deployment process. This resulted in faster releases, less downtime, higher developer productivity, and a more scalable and adaptable infrastructure. This case study highlights the need of DevOps engineers in modern software development, particularly for rapidly developing firms with complicated applications.

We hope this case study give you a good starting point!


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